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Liebe Interessierte an Familienaufstellung / Systemischer Aufstellung,

nächsten Donnerstag findet eine Aufstellung in der Gruppe statt – in englisch.

Wann: Do, 3.4.14, 18 – 20h

Wo: Heidelbergerstr. 37a, 12059 Berlin-Neukölln/Treptow

Wieviel:  20 Euro für Stellvertretende, 80 Euro für Aufstellende

Bitte per Mail oder telefonisch anmelden (s.u.).

Ich würde mich freuen, euch zu sehen!

Vielen Dank & schöne Grüße

Andrea Hofmann


Dear people who are interested in Familiy Constellations / Systemic Constellations,

next thursday there will be a Family Constellation with a group – in english.


When:  Thursday, 3rd april 2014, 6-8h pm

Where: Heidelbergerstr. 37a, 12059 Berlin-Neukölln/Treptow

How much:  20 Euro for participants, 80 Euro for the main person (with his/her constellation)

Please let me know (mail, phone -> see below) if you are interested.

I look forward to seeing you!

Thank you & kind regards

Andrea Hofmann

Portraitfoto von Andrea Hofmann, dunkle kurze Haare ("Pixie-Schnitt"), dunkle Augen, lächelt


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More on Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations

The method Family Constellations also called Systemic Constellations can be used to solve various kinds of problems.

Classically it h elps with problems or illnesses that are caused by the family field.

Used freely as Systemic Constellation diverse problems can be set up: social structures like for example working relations but also physical or psychological problems like, „me and my backache“, „me and my agoraphobia“, „me and my sleeping problem“, „me and my addiction“ and so forth.

At the beginning of a Family Constellation session persons or problems that are part of the topic are representated by members of the group, positioned in spaces in an individual constellation. Through the representatives and the constellation information concerning the problem shows up, step by step.

This is how the sensitivities of each participant and their relationships to each other can be seen. The representatives are able to articulate clearly things that very often are not talked about in the family or things that are totally suppressed — so family-secrets or things that are long forgotten can emerge, can be told and heard.

Communication of the representatives and changing their positions help to understand the situation of each single participant.

The spatial image of the problem is getting deeper and wider through finding out about all the perspectives of the people or things that are connected within the structure. Through communication and new positioning there is more clearing so the person can find a solution to the problem — inside and outside.

Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations can be experienced in anindividual session, in a group or as a training.

Andrea Hofmann

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Andrea Hofmann works with methods like EMDRFamily Constellations / Systemic Constellations, Inner ChildOpen Perception, Perception Consciousness & Intuition, In The Skin of the Otheruand more. She Provides advice to balanced diet (f.e. alkaline diet, low-carb diet),Alkaline Bathing and publishesin various media.