Family constellations are also called systemic constellations because they are not only about family but also about other structures. A lot of people don´t know about that. Another fact that is not very well known is the one of individual sessions in family or systemic constellations. This is a very interesting alternative to the widely known way of doing it within a group. So what are the differences – the advantages of family / systemic constellations individually or in a group? This is about the work of Andrea Hofmann who does family constellations / systemic constellations as councelling, coaching and therapy in Berlin Neukölln as well as in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg.

Andrea Hofmann – experience in systemic approach and systemic constellations

It is very important to have a high quality in the guide through a family constellation. Andrea Hofmann is doing systemic constellation for more than 10 years now and she has done around 1500 sessions so far. Her training started in 2003 and quite soon she started to try old and new ways of doing family constellations.

Being interested in the systemic approach for more than 20 years she started learning about it – to name a few – in natural sciences studying Autopoiesis with the work of Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela, Chaostheory but also in philosophy like radical constructivism, Zen, music theory (John Cage). Andrea Hofmann finished her architectural studies (1991 – 99) with inventing a new design method in architecture for her diploma. The method was based on autopiesis – a systemic approach that has not been used before in architecture.

Started to work in the field of counselling, coaching and therapy in 2002 she continued her systemic work with family constellations. In the last 10 years she was not only learning but also exploding this field of self-forming approach and found her way to a very open but at the same time very effective and dense way of working with systemic constellation. She is working with groups as well as individuals in Berlin Neukölln, Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg.

Family constellations: individual or in a group – what are the differences?

Here is an overview of the differences.
Family constellations / Systemic constellations in a GROUP
+ cost: 80 euros (independent from session time)
+ within a group
+ you can be a representative and check out the constellation without trying it yourself (as a main person)
– time schedule is not flexible
– there are people you don´t know
– because of more people the session takes longer
INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS – Family constellations / Systemic constellations
+ flexible time schedule
+ more effective because it is only you (and the therapist)
+ you don´t have to deal with other people you don´t feel good with
+ if the topic is very sensitive you have a safe space with only the therapist
+ because the therapist as an experienced person is all the representatives, it provides a high quality of the constellation
– can be more expensive (if it takes two hours. mostly only 10 euros more when 90 mins)
Does the method differ in a group or in a individual session?

The method Family Constellation / Systemic Constellation is the same. In a group several people take positions as representatives. in an individual session the therapist takes the place of all the positions (she/he is all the representatives). Therefore the positions are marked with papers on the floor.
How much does a family constellation cost?

Concerning the seminars and individual sessions the costs differ a little bit. The costs for individual and group sessions are:
Individual session: 60 euro/ hour. usually they take from 1-2 hours, so it could be 60 euros (1h), 90 euros (90 min), 120 euros (2h). mostly an indivual session takes 90 mins.
Group session/ seminar: 80 euros for the „main“ person (the one the constellation is about), 20 euros for representatives.
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Constellations / Systemic Constellations in Berlin Neukölln / Treptow, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Kreuzberg / Friedrichshain with Andrea Hofmann, alternative practioner for Psychotherapy (Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy)

Individual sessions in Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations with Andrea Hofmann in Berlin Neukölln, Berlin Mitte, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and Berlin Kreuzberg

Group sessions / seminar / Workshop in Family Constellations / Systemic Constellations with Andrea Hofmann regular in Berlin Neukölln, on special demand also in Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Berlin Kreuzberg

Andrea Hofmann also works with methods like EMDR, Inner Child Work, Open Perception, Alkaline Bathing, Nutrition, Healthy Food and more …

Andrea Hofmann works in english and german.

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